What Our Clients Say

Hello Mr. Van Camp. Wellllll, as you predicted, not one day sooner nor one day later than her birthday, did Ailey stop sucking her thumb. It was ON her birthday and we were at the grand canyon (so lots of driving and time to suck that thumb). I've held off to inform you because we were quite in shock and waiting for the day that she would start back up again, but alas, that day has not come.

We cannot thank you enough. The $300 was well worth it and well spent. Thank you kindly,


Hi Mr. Van Camp ... or should I say "Mr. Miracle Worker"!!

Thanks to my session with you on May 26th, I doubt if I'll ever smoke again!! You were right ... you really did make it easy!! I almost feel guilty about it being so easy ... almost!! I have no idea what you told my unconscious mind but whatever it was, it works!! Like I said ... freaky-deaky! I still can't believe I was zoned out for over an hour - and I don't remember most of it! You're Totally AWESOME!! I have my red card sitting on my computer stand where I can see and read it ... does that have anything to do with it??!!

Thank You for making such a difference in my life - I am truly grateful!


I saw William Van Camp on Wednesday, June 9th. He is a very nice man who made me feel very comfortable. I enjoyed the session even though I doubted that I was as relaxed as he wanted me to be. Strangely enough, I’m still trying to figure out if it worked even though I haven’t had one puff! It’s the craziest and strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. Obviously something worked! Have a great day. I would definitely recommend Mr. Van Camp to others who want to quit smoking.


I went to the Maryland Hypnotherapy Center to quit smoking. I was a very heavy smoker (over two packs a day) and was at the point where I wanted and needed (I had asthma) to quit. I saw Mr. Van Camp once and I have no desire to smoke again!!! I never thought I would be able to quit so easily but I have never looked back. I have and will continue to tell everyone that I can about the positive experiences that have come out of my meeting with William Van Camp and the Maryland Hypnotherapy Center.

--D. B.

I began sending clients to William Van Camp in 2005 when I was employed by another company. He has been an affiliate of Advanced Hypnosis since we started in 2008…He is a wonderful therapist who cares deeply about helping people to achieve lasting and positive changes in their lives. I can highly recommend his services to my clients and know that they will be getting the very best help.

--Valerie Lloyd
Advanced Hypnosis of America

Mr. Van Camp’s expertise in hypnosis, patience, and generosity all contributed to my ability to learn hypnobirthing techniques in a short period of time. Plus you can apply what you learn to many other aspects of your life!

--D. Z.

I am very grateful to the Maryland Hypnotherapy Center and Mr. Van Camp for helping me eliminate a problem that I had with many reoccurring warts on my hands. I’d been seeing a dermatologist every couple of weeks for nearly a year without success; it was a very painful process involving freezing or burning and it did nothing to keep the warts from reoccurring. After one hypnotherapy session with Mr. Van Camp all but one of the warts were gone within two weeks. I had a follow up session and the last one disappeared shortly thereafter. I was impressed with how easy, painless and the fact if it was, and I highly recommend it poses as a wonderful solution.

--A. M.