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Smoking CessationUnlike some other methods of quitting smoking, hypnosis removes the feeling of deprivation and eliminates the need and desire to smoke.

Stop VapingHypnotherapy can help individuals break free from their vaping habits and start on a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Insomnia Trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep may be resolved in as few as two sessions, however, it would not be unusual for it to take four sessions. Other sleep-related issues are usually successful in one hypnosis session.

Fears – An unwelcome response to a stimulus such as – bugs, spiders, snakes, bridges, tunnels, flying or other things- may be successfully dealt with in two to four hypnosis sessions.

Pain Control – Hypnotherapy is used to control acute, chronic, and post operative pain as well as pain from nonsurgical procedures. It is a well-established method to distract, to dislocate, or to reduce physical and/or psychological pain in a variety of settings.

>>Migraines Pain can be altered by changing the perception. Migraine pain can be diminished or eliminated by hypnosis. Post-hypnotic suggestions and techniques, learned through the sessions, can address the migraine problem to eliminate future pain.

>>Blood Pressure Control Progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing exercises, and guided imagery are just a few of the techniques used in hypnotherapy for blood pressure control.

>> Stress and Anxiety Stress results from interactions between persons and their environment that are perceived as threatening their well-being. These perceptions can be changed, restructured, or deflected to allow a healthier life style and calmer social environment.

Concentration – This is a common problem and can be solved by learning a few techniques. These post-hypnotic suggestions can be easily learned but require time and effort on the client’s part.

Memory and recall – Under hypnosis clients learn focused thinking by training the memory in the art of attention, retention, and association. Hypnosis teaches the mind to accept and to remember detail and to bring to mind those important and relevant facts.

Mindful Hypnotherapy One of the many ways that Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you is to help you make changes at a subconscious level.

Hypnosis for Fibromyalgia Using hypnosis to alleviate many of the associated symptoms can allow sufferers to better manage the severity and frequency of flare-ups.

Hypnosis for IBS Hypnosis has been known to help reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome such as bloating, abdominal pain, and irregular bowel movements

Hypnosis to help control Epilepsy Clinical hypnotherapy has been used to help people with epilepsy control their seizures and live better lives.

Hypnosis to help Stroke Victims Clinical Hypnotherapy may help stroke victims recover from their injuries.

Hypnosis to Help Aging Skin and Wrinkles Clinical Hypnotherapy has been proven to work for patients who are looking for help with Wrinkles, Lines, and Aging Skin.

Hypnosis to Help Test AnxietyClinical Hypnotherapy has been proven to work for those that are nervous during exams

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Hypnosis to Help Those who Have a Fear of FlyingHypnotherapy has been proven to work for clients who have Fears and Phobias, including some of the most common ones such as a fear of flying in a commercial jet.

Hypnosis to Help Enhance your Memory and ConcentrationThe use of hypnotherapy is used not only for behavioral change and stress relief, but also in the learning process.